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'I smiled in the face of bigotry': A woman's response to anti-Islam protesters goes viral

'I smiled in the face of bigotry': A woman's response to anti-Islam protesters goes viral A group of anti-Islam protesters gathered at a conference in Washington, D.C. One woman's reaction: 'I smiled in the face of bigotry.'

Russian-North Korean relations since the Korean War

Russian-North Korean relations since the Korean War SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin gives an intriguing twist to the global diplomatic push to resolve the nuclear standoff with North Korea, which appeared to hit a wall after a summit between Kim and President Donald Trump collapsed in February.

#FeelingCute challenge: Texas prison guards fired after probe into 'inappropriate' posts

#FeelingCute challenge: Texas prison guards fired after probe into 'inappropriate' posts The trend often involves uniformed workers posting selfies coupled with captions joking about what their work day may entail.

Migrant caravan on the 'Beast' train to avoid Mexican police raids and make it to U.S. border

Migrant caravan on the 'Beast' train to avoid Mexican police raids and make it to U.S. border A long freight train loaded with about 300 to 400 migrants pulled out of the southern city of Ixtepec on Tuesday.

Trump says sending 'armed soldiers' to US-Mexico border

Trump says sending 'armed soldiers' to US-Mexico border President Donald Trump said Wednesday the US is sending armed soldiers to the southern border after Mexican soldiers recently "pulled guns" on US troops, escalating his war of words with Mexico on immigration. Trump was apparently referring to an April 13 incident in which Mexican troops reportedly questioned and pointed their weapons at two US troops conducting surveillance on the border.

See this Aircraft Carrier? It Was One of the Worst To Ever Set Sail.

See this Aircraft Carrier? It Was One of the Worst To Ever Set Sail. On September 15th, 1942 USS Wasp was struck by three torpedoes from the Imperial Japanese Navy submarine I-19. Wasp at first though survivable and was even able to remain under her own power, but gasoline fires swept through the ship and made her recovery impossible. After five hours the order was given to abandon ship, and Wasp was scuttled by three torpedoes fired by the destroyer USS Lansdowne. Of the ship’s 2,247 crew, 193 were killed and 366 wounded.(This first appeared last month.)The U.S. Navy rose to prominence during World War II from just one of many major naval powers to the undisputed greatest in just four short years. This was in large part due to the expansion and effective use of its aircraft carrier fleet. Although most American flattops that fought in the war were highly successful designs one, USS Wasp, was fatally compromised by the need to conform to international treaty obligations. The result was a carrier that was quickly sunk early on in the war, making only a modest contribution to the overall effort.A Treaty Like No Other: One of the most ambitious conventional arms control treaties ever signed was the Washington Naval Treaty. The multinational treaty was negotiated between 1921 and 1922 and resulted in limits in the size of individual warships and the overall tonnage of the navies of the United Kingdom, United States, Italy, and France.

Elizabeth Warren's plan to end student debt is glorious. We can make it a reality

Elizabeth Warren's plan to end student debt is glorious. We can make it a reality We fully support the 2020 nominee’s student debt relief proposal. But to make it happen, we’ll need to kick our efforts into higher gear ‘Elizabeth Warren’s proposal is a stunning, visionary plan that would transform our educational system and dramatically improve millions of people’s lives.’ Photograph: Rick Bowmer/AP This week, Elizabeth Warren, who is running for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president, announced a proposal to cancel student debt for millions of people and make public college free. This is a stunning, visionary plan that would transform our educational system and dramatically improve millions of people’s lives. But like every other progressive proposal now being touted by presidential hopefuls, from Medicare for All to the Green New Deal, the call for debt relief and free education first came from the grassroots. And if we want a real student debt jubilee to actually happen – to go from policy paper to reality – the grassroots will need to continue to push for it. Fortunately, it’s a battle that can be won. Raising our voices is how we got this far. Ten years ago, student debt, even as it soared, was not seen as a serious issue. Writers including Tamara Draut and Anya Kamenetz were early to sound the alarm, exposing young people’s disproportionate indebtedness as a structural issue. Scholars such as Darrick Hamilton and Tressie McMillan Cottom would later go on to document the racially disparate impact of student loans, which burden women and people of color most of all. But it took the Occupy Wall Street movement to make public how profoundly the pinch of monthly payments was felt by an entire generation. Sign up to receive the latest US opinion pieces every weekday In April 2012 a group of Occupiers organized a “1T Day” protest to mark the day student debt in America surpassed $1tn. Seven years later, that number has ballooned to more than $1.5tn. That protest represented a watershed moment, the point when student debt went from being a personal problem to a political one, the result of decades of disinvestment in public colleges and universities that turned education into a consumer product instead of a public good. Some of the organizers of that event would go on to help launch the Debt Collective, a union for debtors that I co-founded. We kicked things off with the Rolling Jubilee fund, a public education campaign that bought and cancelled more than $30m in medical, student debt, payday loans and private probation debts. Then, in 2015, the Debt Collective launched the country’s first student debt strike. Since the strike was announced, we have won more than $1bn (and counting) in student debt cancellation for people who attended fraudulent for-profit colleges. Our team accomplished this by building a membership base of for-profit borrowers themselves. These debtors, a multiracial group of working-class people from across the country, led a campaign to pressure the Department of Education to cancel their loans. Their victory – and the fact that our primary demand of a debt jubilee and free college is now on Warren’s platform – demonstrates the power of grassroots organizing. The precedent-setting significance of the Debt Collective’s work is clear and cannot be overstated: Warren knows that student loans can be cancelled because they already have been on a smaller scale for for-profit college borrowers. That said, Warren’s plan, as bold as it is, is hardly inevitable. Her proposal of canceling student debt and ensuring free college seems contingent on the passage of a millionaire’s tax that, barring a miracle, is likely to be stymied by an intransigent Congress. In order to win a jubilee, then, we will have to kick our grassroots efforts into a higher gear. Debtors must continue to fight for their rights and advocate for the best possible solutions. We are preparing to do just that. Since 2016, along with our partners at Harvard Law School’s Project on Predatory Student Lending, we have been working out a roadmap that would allow all federal student loans to be cancelled without waiting for Congress to act. Congress, it turns out, has already given administrative agencies the power to cancel debts. Just as the Securities and Exchange Commission can cut low-dollar deals with banks that break the law, for example, the secretary of education can settle with debtors for a fraction of what they owe or suspend the collection of student debt altogether. When it was first given the power to issue and collect student loans in 1958, the Department of Education also received the power to “compromise, waive, or release any right” to collect on them. And when the Higher Education Act of 1965 made student loan authorities permanent, it solidified their power to compromise. Nothing in the law prevents the secretary of education from using compromise and settlement authority to address the worst effects of decades of failed higher education policy. But only a movement with that as its goal can get us there. Student debt abolition and free college would be a win-win for the entire country To win a jubilee, we need a movement focused on motivating candidates to commit to using the full powers available to them in office to address this emergency and stop collections on all student loans. While millionaires and billionaires should be taxed at a much higher rate, in the short term we should not let a Congress bought off by the super-rich prevent us from doing what’s right and legal – and economically beneficial. Indeed, student debt abolition and free college would be a win-win for the entire country. Not only would debtors get relief, academic research shows it would be a significant stimulus that might “supercharge” the economy and help address the racial wealth gap. Money currently used to pay back loans with interest would be redirected to other goods and services. But the win would be more profound than just an economic boost. Education could finally be a public good and not a commodity (or worse, a debt trap). This transformation would help inaugurate a new political vision that redefines liberty as the ability to freely access the social services that we all need to survive and thrive. The Debt Collective has been leading this fight for years – and our growing membership will continue to do so. Grassroots organizing is what got us this far, and it’s the only thing that can get us to the finish line: an end to student debt and free public college for everyone, once and for all. Astra Taylor is a writer, organizer, and documentarian. Her books include the American Book Award winner The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age and Democracy May Not Exist, but We’ll Miss It When It’s Gone. Her most recent film is What Is Democracy?

Far-right militia which 'trained to kill Obama and Hillary Clinton' remains defiant on US-Mexico border

Far-right militia which 'trained to kill Obama and Hillary Clinton' remains defiant on US-Mexico border Their commander is in jail. The authorities are giving them until Friday to clear out and leave. But the United Constitutional Patriots, the right-wing militia under scrutiny over detaining migrant families at the border with Mexico, is digging in.“It’s my God-given right to be here,” said one balaclava-clad militia member who gave his name only as Viper. Chafing at the hostile reactions to the militia’s actions, he said that he was an Army veteran and that he expected his group, if pushed out, to set up camp in another location along the border.“The guys in Washington say one thing about not wanting us on the ground, but no one from the Border Patrol here has ever told me they don’t want our help,” he said, squinting under the midday sun. “We’re here to protect Americans from the illegals violating our sovereignty.”The militia’s encampment Tuesday was little more than a trailer and a few pickup trucks next to a newly installed “No Trespassing” sign. It appeared to reflect the impasse these armed vigilantes now find themselves in: under the magnifying glass of the FBI, cut off from funding, defending their actions to the public and torn asunder by the arrest of their leader, a resident of northwest New Mexico and a three-time felon who went by the alias Johnny Horton Jr. but whose real name is Larry Hopkins.Tempers were on edge in the camp, which is next to railroad tracks and a dusty road where the existing wall on the border comes to an abrupt end. That is where militia members have been filming their activities, and where, on several occasions, they have confronted and detained groups of migrants who have crossed the border into the United States.[[gallery-0]] These migrants, like others who have crossed the border in recent months, have largely been Central Americans. In sharp contrast to previous inflows of migrants, most of these new arrivals routinely seek to surrender to Border Patrol agents to legally request asylum.Still, the militiamen and those who support them have seen their work as necessary.Armando Gonzalez, 52, said he drove to Sunland Park, which sits on New Mexico’s borders with Mexico and Texas, from his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to lend a hand to the United Constitutional Patriots. He said he believed that the news media had distorted the group's work and the reality of life along the border.“If you ask me, this is all about politics,” said Mr Gonzalez, adding that he was a disabled Army veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder. “The Democrats want illegal immigration because that means more votes for them.”“But I took an oath to protect my country and what’s happening on the border is an invasion threatening our people,” said Mr Gonzalez, who is planning to sleep in his 2001 Chevrolet Suburban. “These men are patriots and I'm proud to stand alongside them.”Mr Gonzalez, who was carrying a 9-millimeter handgun in a holster strapped to his belt, said he considered himself part of the militia. But the two other men at the spartan camp said they didn't think Mr Gonzalez was part of their group.“He just showed up today,” said the man called Viper.At one point Tuesday, there were more reporters milling about the camp than militiamen. Some of the journalists broadcast in Spanish to reach viewers on both sides of the border.Judith Sierra, the owner of Tortilleria Sierra in Sunland Park, chuckled at the thought of armed men travelling to the border to chase after women and children. It’s not uncommon for migrants to pass through her property, she said, lately in large groups.“We offer them water or tortillas,” she said, adding that the Border Patrol is never far behind.“Even with a fence or whatever else, it’s not going to stop people,” said Ms Sierra, who was attending to a steady stream of customers in a black apron dusted with flour. “They’ll come over or under, somehow, they’ll find a way to cross.”Meanwhile, the authorities in Sunland Park, whose population of about 15,600 is more than 90 per cent Latino, have made it clear that the men in the desert are testing their patience.The Sunland Park Police Department is evicting the group, telling its members that they want them gone from the camp site by the end of the week. Union Pacific, which operates the railroad near the militia's camp, warned the armed men that they were trespassing to reach their camp.“These outsiders talk about an invasion when they are the ones invading our peace and quiet,” said Jesus Hernandez, 70, who lives in Sunland Park and works in nearby El Paso, Texas, shining shoes. “I have some advice for them: Get a job and leave us alone."What's next for the United Constitutional Patriots? Their ranks, while never numerous, seem to be thinning. Hopkins is in jail on a felony weapons charge and Jim Benvie, the group's self-described spokesman, was away from the camp Tuesday.An older militia member known as "Pops" used vulgar language when a reporter asked him a question, making it clear that he doesn't care for journalists. He also warned against trying to take his picture, telling reporters he didn't want publicity.Still, officials are increasing scrutiny of the group. Three Democratic members of Congress – Deb Haaland and Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico and Veronica Escobar of Texas – wrote to FBI Director Christopher Wray, requesting an investigation of the United Constitutional Patriots.“The right to stop and detain should remain reserved for law enforcement,” they said in the letter. “As a nation, we must end this xenophobic behavior.”Elsewhere in Sunland Park, residents are wondering when the militia will leave. Claudio Alvarado, 69, a retired foreman with the Texas Gas Co, was on a morning walk through his neighbourhood with his two young grandchildren.Mr Alvarado said that he had lived in the town since he was 12 and that his son-in-law had worked as a Border Patrol agent for a decade. Mr Alvarado made it clear that he doesn’t like the idea of militia members patrolling the border.“It makes me angry,” Mr Alvarado said, “because that’s not their job.”The New York Times

Hasan Minhaj Has a Surprising Top Interview Choice For the 2020 Presidential Election

Hasan Minhaj Has a Surprising Top Interview Choice For the 2020 Presidential Election There's just one problem: his preference is not a candidate

Battle of Mogadishu veteran responds to Ilhan Omar's criticism of 'Black Hawk Down' mission

Battle of Mogadishu veteran responds to Ilhan Omar's criticism of 'Black Hawk Down' mission In a resurfaced tweet, Rep. Ilhan Omar claims U.S. forces killed 'thousands' of Somalis during the 1993 mission; reaction from retired Sergeant Major Kyle Lamb, who fought in the Battle of Mogadishu.

38 dogs found in home of woman accused of dumping puppies in trash bin

38 dogs found in home of woman accused of dumping puppies in trash bin Seven puppies were found in a plastic bag outside Napa Auto Parts store in 90 degree heat.

Trump complained to Twitter CEO about lost followers: source

Trump complained to Twitter CEO about lost followers: source The meeting, which was organized by the White House last week, came hours after Trump again attacked the social media company over his allegations it is biased against conservatives. Lots of subjects discussed regarding their platform, and the world of social media in general. Dorsey, who had not previously met with Trump, replied in a tweet: "Thank you for the time.

House Dems Schedule First Ever ‘Medicare for All’ Hearing

House Dems Schedule First Ever ‘Medicare for All’ Hearing House Democrats have scheduled the first ever hearing for Medicare for All legislation for next week, as the proposal is becoming a litmus test for Democratic 2020 presidential candidates.The "Medicare for All Act" will be considered by the House Rules Committee next Tuesday and by the House Budget Committee at a later date. However, the two primary health care committees, Ways and Means as well as Energy and Commerce, have so far been reluctant to consider the proposal."It’s a serious proposal that deserves serious consideration on Capitol Hill as we work toward universal coverage,” said Representative James McGovern, who chairs the Rules committee.Representatives Pramila Jayapal and Debbie Dingell introduced the legislation, which has more than 100 House co-sponsors, fewer than the proposal has had in previous years.  The bill would cover disability, prescription drugs, mental health, maternal care, vision, dental, and substance-abuse care, would scrap Medicare’s age requirement, and would not charge patients copays, premiums, or deductibles. It does not detail how the program’s cost would be covered.Speaker Nancy Pelosi has encouraged committees to hold hearings on Medicare for All but has not attached her name to the proposal.“That is, administratively, the simplest thing to do, but to convert to it? Thirty trillion dollars. Now, how do you pay for that?,” Pelosi remarked in February.Analysts estimated other versions of the legislation, such as Senator Bernie Sanders' Senate bill, would cost in the ballpark of $32 trillion.Sanders was one of the first Democratic heavyweights to back the sweeping health care overhaul, which would transfer all U.S. residents to a government health care plan and essentially eliminate the private health insurance market.The democratic socialist and presidential candidate has since propelled the issue to the front of the 2020 presidential debate, impelling other contenders for the Democratic nomination to state where they stand on the proposal.

NASA probe records first likely 'marsquake' detected on red planet

NASA probe records first likely 'marsquake' detected on red planet NASA's robotic probe InSight has detected and measured what scientists believe to be a "marsquake," marking the first time a likely seismological tremor has been recorded on another planet, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California reported on Tuesday. The breakthrough came five months after InSight, the first spacecraft designed specifically to study the deep interior of a distant world, touched down on the surface of Mars to begin its two-year seismological mission on the red planet. The faint rumble characterized by JPL scientists as a likely marsquake was recorded on April 6, the lander's 128th Martian day, or sol.

Trump son-in-law calls probe worse than Russian meddling

Trump son-in-law calls probe worse than Russian meddling In a rare public speaking appearance, Kushner dismissed Russia's impact during the 2016 election, saying that credit for the victory lay with the Trump campaign. "You look at what Russia did -- you know, buying some Facebook ads to try and sow dissent and do it.

Neo-Nazi linked to group who said Prince Harry was a race traitor for marrying Meghan pleads guilty

Neo-Nazi linked to group who said Prince Harry was a race traitor for marrying Meghan pleads guilty Two teenage neo-Nazis, linked to a group that called Prince Harry a "race traitor"  for marrying Mehgan Markle, are facing jail after admitting terror charges. Polish national, Michal Szewczuk, 19, admitted two counts of encouraging terrorism and five of possessing documents that could be useful to a terrorist, when he appeared at the Old Bailey. His co-defendant, Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, 18, had previously pleaded guilty to encouraging terrorism. The charges relate to a neo-Nazi group called the Sonnenkrieg Division, which posted extreme racist material on the GAB social media platform. In one post, a picture of the Duke of Sussex was set against a swastika with a gun pointing at his head and the slogan: "See ya later, race traitor!" The group is an off shoot of the American Atomwaffen Division, which encourages terrorism and worships Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson. Szewczuk, who used an online pseudonym, posted comments that called for the "systematic slaughter" of women.  He also pleaded guilty to five charges relating to the possession of bomb making documents and other extremist terrorist material. At an earlier hearing, prosecutor Jessica Hart described how Szewczuk and Dunn-Koczorowski had shared the Sonnenkrieg Gab account, with both posting from the same account at different times. Judge Rebecca Poulet QC warned both teenagers they could face custody when they return to court for sentencing on 17 June.

JPMorgan's Bob Michele Says ‘Enjoy the Ride’ as Risk Assets Rally

JPMorgan's Bob Michele Says ‘Enjoy the Ride’ as Risk Assets Rally The chief investment officer at JPMorgan Asset Management said money managers are sitting on too much cash and should be boosting their allocations to high-yield assets after the Federal Reserve’s dovish pivot. The firm is putting its weight behind emerging markets as investors from BlackRock Inc. to Fidelity International warn of a break in the rally.

View Photos of the Geely Geometry A

Calorie counting a guessing game in Penn dining halls

Specific and accurate nutritional information on dining hall food is not readily available.

Food prices rise at fastest pace since 2011

New Zealand food prices rose at their fastest annual pace in over three years in March, pushed higher by rising fruit and vegetable prices. The food price index rose 0.1 per cent in March, from a 0.7 per cent drop in February, according...

Dining Review: Westside Italian without hitting the 405

Residents looking for fine dining can find opportunity around the corner. One of the favorites at Centanni Trattoria in Burbank is the lasagna, made with ground beef, peas, ragu and home made pasta covered with a parmesan cheese sauce. Photographed on Thursday, April 9, 2015.

Cake Maker Wedding Decoration

Get ready for the cooking adventures in this kids and girl cake maker game specially designed for wedding occasion. Wedding season...

Food prices rise 0.1 percent in March

In March 2015, food prices rose 0.1 percent, Statistics New Zealand said today. This was countered by lower prices for fruit and vegetables," prices manager Chris Pike said. Grocery food prices rose 1.2 percent, with higher prices across most of the subgroup. This was the highest monthly rise for grocery food prices since January 2013.

Pulling a Quik One: Food Giant Cuts Sugar in Flavored Milk

Giant food Nestle announced Monday that it's cutting the amount of added sugars in its flavored milk products. As for Nesquik’s bottled milk beverages, those will also contain 10.6 grams of added sugar per serving (though because of the lactose naturally present in the milk, the total sugar content is higher).

3 Huge Fast-Food Names Are Quietly Testing Upscale Versions of Themselves

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Fast-food heavyweights that have been dealing with sharp public criticism of their high caloric menus and shareholder rebukes for stagnant sales of cheap eats may have found just the right solution. The plan? Launch almost unrecognizable sub-brands as testing labs for healthier, more expensive food to eventually be funneled into fast-food kitchens globally. Or if the sub ...

5 times politicians made fast-food runs

The fast-food stop has long been a tried-and-true photo op for politicians. What better way to communicate that you’re “just folks” than by chowing down on a greasy burger in...

Red Robin to Expand in US with New Warrington Restaurant - Analyst Blog

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc. (RRGB) recently announced that it will unveil a restaurant in Warrington, Pennsylvania, on Apr 27, to expand its domestic presence.

Chefs, Winemakers and Wineries from Six Continents Visit MidAtlantic Region May 13-17

WILMINGTON, Del. -- The MidAtlantic Wine + Food Festival(TM) presented by Bank of America will welcome chefs, winemakers and wineries from six continents for 35 food, wine, craft beer and spirits events ...

Dining at Olive Garden is about to change

Ziosk is aiming to improve the customer experience by allowing guests to order and pay through table-top tablets at casual-dining restaurants.

Dining service provider at UW-La Crosse notifies state of layoffs

A company that provides dining services at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has informed the state it will lay off nearly 300 employees in June.

Fast food's new secret weapon? The humble fry

The French fry is having a moment. Although fast food's recipe for fry success used to be merely "fry potatoes, just add salt," the new frontier includes unpredictable toppings like pulled pork or pizza, bringing innovation to something that's long been regarded as merely a side item.

Chef ticketed, facing $2,000 fine for feeding homeless in San Antonio

Joan Cheever, founder of the nonprofit mobile food truck known as the Chow Train, was cited last Tuesday by San Antonio police officers for feeding the homeless in Maverick Park.

Gwyneth Paltrow's $29 food stamp budget: Do celebrity challenges work?

Social media has again lashed out at Gwyneth Paltrow, this time because she agreed to take part in The Food Bank for New York City challenge to live on a $29 grocery budget for a week. The challenge, which celebrity chef and Food Bank board member Mario Batali announced April 3, seeks to raise awareness of the plight of nearly 47 million Americans who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition ...

Wine Snobs Are Right: Glass Shape Does Affect Flavor

Scientists show glass geometry controls where and how vapor rises from wine, influencing taste -- Read more on

Consumers Pick The Melting Pot as No. 1 Casual Dining Restaurant

The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc., the world's premier fondue restaurant franchise, is proud to be recognized as the No. 1 casual-dining restaurant in the Nation's Restaurant News 2015 Consumer Picks report. ...

12 Ways to Spend Less on Food

Food is expensive. In February 2015, Americans spent $58.9 billion on food eaten at home and almost the same amount ($57.5 billion) on food consumed away from home, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Robot chef serves up the future of home cooking

The system was created by UK-based Moley Robotics, which aims to develop a consumer version with an affordable price tag within two years, supported by an iTunes-style library of recipes that can downloaded for the robo-chef to cook in the home. It features two fully articulated hands, made by the Shadow Robot Company, whose products are used in the nuclear industry and by NASA. The dextrous ...

Wine Bottles keep product fresh with Stelvin closure.

Claret Regal Stelvin and Burgundy Inspiration Stelvin are 750 ml bottles with Stelvin® closure, which preserves freshness, quality, and fragrance of wine by preventing unwanted, excess oxygen from seeping into bottle. In addition to helping keep product pristine by providing tight seal, closure also facilitates opening. Claret Regal Stelvin is available in Antique Green, while Burgundy ...

'Food Babe' exposed

There’s no denying that Vani Hari, aka the Food Babe, has ignited a clean-eating revolution—along with a lot of controversy.

Why your wine tastes so different

London, April 14 (IANS) Even the high-quality wine like Pinot Noir can have different taste and colours depending on where it was produced, says a study. "We wanted to find out what causes those differences," said Heli Siren and her colleagues from University of Helsinki, Finland. In the study, the team analysed the chemical profiles of eight Pinot Noir wines from different regions -- the US ...